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August Newsletter

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For HR Personnel

In addition to RideSearch.com, RideSearch.biz offers the latest in carpool products for your company. Check it out and help your employees save some money. Also, there is no charge for companies wanting to post a link to RideSearch.com on their intranet site. It is always good to promote carpooling around the office.

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RideSearch Carpool Contest

RideSearch.com has kicked off their "New Rideshare Forums" Contest. The winner will receive a $100 gas card. Second place will get a $50 gas card and third place a $25 gas card. The contest ends on September 7th, 2008. Read our contest rules for more details.

The "New Rideshare Forums" are RideSearch's latest endeavour to help people find someone to carpool. They are meant to be used whenever you have a ride to give or need a ride to anywhere imaginable. The forums are for a community of people who want to save money on gas and help the environment. Wherever you go, think, "can I post this trip on RideSearch?" and you may save much more than just gas. 

Good Morning America Carpool Challenge

RideSearch was thrilled to be a part of the GMA Carpool Challenge. This challenge took place at the end of July and followed different teams of co-workers around the country to see what it was like to carpool. Our popular Gas Savings Calculator was mentioned.  In the end GMA asked out of the 20 people who did carpool who would continue carpooling and 16 people said they would. Many people realized that carpooling was great for their wallets and for the environment. They realized that carpooling is a win-win situation. You can see what kind of experiences the carpoolers had by visiting our Good Morning America page.

Invite your friends

One of the biggest hurdles in getting a carpool setup is finding someone who lives and works near you. That is why we have the "Find A Carpool" service that will do a search in your area using your profile. At RideSearch.com it is the members that make all the difference. We need you to invite those around you to join RideSearch. The more people who join, the better everyone's chances are of getting the ultimate carpool. We have created a page to help you do this. Click here to invite your friends. Thank you for using RideSearch.com.



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